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Modernization has succeeded

Last year management team of Alebor Group has adopted a decision with regard to the development of each and all enterprises of the Group of Companies. Wide investment program was elaborated and implemented during the current year. Now we can proudly state that the modernization has succeeded and all grain collecting stations have used new increased capacities during new harvesting season effectively.

With the help of our colleagues from we told you in details about the progress of modernization of Khrystynivske, Voronovytske and Chesne Grain Collecting Stations. Let’s wind up the works done. 

There were constructed three new flat-bottom silo bins with storage capacity of 5 thousand tons each, and one operational silo bin with storage capacity of 1,5 thousand tons.

One more section and an additional gas burner were added to the grain dryer, so now it is possible to dry 2500 tons of grain per 24 hours provided for 4-5 ton-percent of moisture decrease. The same index last year was 1500 tons per 24 hours.

Moreover, one more autoreceiving point was built with load-bearing capacity of 80 tons and a new pneumatic sample-collecting device was installed. Due to this, grain elevator has advanced early maturity group grains receiving up to 200-240 tons per hour.

Chesne Grain Collecting Station has one railway track, and two more will be added there - for the second loading point and for the depot. In-house locomotive allows to speed up the process of railway cars loading at the grain elevator.

At Voronovytske Grain Collecting Station grain storage capacity was increased by 39 thousand tons – up to 140 thousand tons of storage capacity is available now;
Operational capacities went up by 6 thousand tons – up to 15 thousand tons currently.

Gravity grain spreader was installed in one of silo bins. Due to this antigrading device the grain is spread evenly within the silo bin.

Oleksiy Kustov, the Founder of Alebor Group if Companies noted, that even considering poor work efficiency of railway they faced last year, now this grain elevator will be able to receive more than 400 thousand tons of grain. If we just imagine that the railway will work better, then Voronovytske Grain Collecting Station will be able to enlarge the range of products being received by adding sunflower seed and soybean. The total volume of grain receiving would increase by 30% in such a case.

Also there was a grain dryer installed at this enterprise. Its productive capacity is 250 tons per hour. Now the drying capacity of this grain elevator was increased up to 6900 tons per 24 hours on corn provided for 10 ton-percent of moisture decrease.

The greatest amount of works was planned and done at Khrystynivske Grain Collecting Station. There were 6 silo bins with storage capacity of 10 thousand tons each built there. Thus, total storage capacity was increased up to 134 thousand tons.

The grain dryer was enhanced with two more sections. Its productive efficiency is 3,3 thousand tons per 24 hours provided 6% of moisture decrease;

New separator with the capacity of 150 tons per hour was installed;

The transportation system with of 175 tons per hour was built;

An extensive effort was done regarding new entry complex construction. Now the second scales are installed and new premises for laboratory are built.

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