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Uman: Focus on rally

Uman stage of Ukraine Rally Championship first appeared last year and immediately received approval from both sportsmen and spectators. That's why this year's rally in Uman again became the focus of sportsmen and all supporters of motorsport in Ukraine. The second stage of the Ukrainian Rally

Championship in 2018 has traditionally been held with the support of the Alebor Group.
The main intrigue of last year's competition was that the rally route, which consisted of special stages of "Uman" and "Hromy", which were not familiar to any of the crews. So, at the start everyone was on an equal footing. The first races in Uman have become a true test of crews for professionalism and coherence.
In order to support the last year's intrigue with the novelty, two more special stages of the rally were built - Furmanka (11.8 km) and Ropotukha (13.5 km). The road cover is gravel / soil.

The last year's test on new stages of the rally in Uman was really appreciated both by sportsmen and fans. None of the pilots knew what would be waiting round the corner. This year, most crews are already familiar with two special stages of the Uman route. Therefore, it was decided to make a "surprise" - to equip two more stages for rally racing. I hope that they will also be appreciated by the participants and spectators, – noted Mykola Makhnevich, a member of Rally Uman organizing committee, Director of "Boleko" Transport Company before the start of the competition.

The hopes of the organizers have been fully realized. It was announced during the course of the competition by the first pilot of the crew №2, Borys Handzha:"As for the rally stages that are made for the first time, they are absolutely wonderful and have to be improved every next year. We broke them in - very well done!

Rally Championship in Uman is recognized as the hottest event of the beginning of summer 2018. Rally races passed under the burning June sun, among swirls of dust, which almost were not carried down by the wind from the road. In conditions of poor visibility it is very difficult to simply drive a car, much less to strive for victory.

Nevertheless, ralliers coped with the weather, with the dust, and with emotions. For the whole race period there was a minimum number of cars going off the the track due to technical equipment damage. This fact proofs that all special stages of the rally were properly arranged without unnecessary complications.

The winner of the Rally UMAN Championship was crew No. 2 - Borys Handzha and Yevhen Sokurov. The guys have already won the second stage of the Championship in a row. Congratulations to the winners, keep it!
Congratulations to Uman on the fact that it becomes the center of the main sporting events!

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