24 July 2017

About the First Harvest Results

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From the very beginning of the harvesting season 2017, Alebor Group provides  full range of services from harvesting to selling of grain and oilseeds. It became possible due to creation of private combine harvesters fleet within Boleko freight forwarding company. There are 5 CLAAS LEXION 600 combines there.

More than a month ago, 13 June 2017, combine harvesters of Boleko LLC went to their first work expedition to the South of Ukraine. Harvesting started from the early spring grain crops in Odesa region, Ismail district. We asked Mykola Makhnevych, Co-Founder and Director of Boleko Transport Company,  about the course of the first grain-harvesting campaign:

In general, the impressions on harvesting conduct are positive. It is our first experience of participation in grain harvesting campaign. Analyzing it, I can say that there were some difficulties, which influenced the work, but we were ready for them

Thorough preparatory maintenance to the harvesting campaign enabled our machinery to work at its best. Specialists in mechanics of Boleko Company performed all necessary diagnostic and maintenance works to adjust the grain-harvesting machines and prevent their downtime during the course of harvesting operations.

The weather also influences the course of operation.  When it rains, grain becomes wet and plants lie down to the ground. It complicates the process of harvesting and influences its speed rates, and, as a result, the cost of fuel, lubricants and spare parts increases. We took into consideration that some disorders are probable and fair even during the harvesting process.  Thus, we entered into agreement with a reliable supplier of repair parts for our grain harvesting machinery. All required spare parts and tools are delivered quickly minimizing the downtime.

An important element of modern grain harvesting machinery is combine harvester’s operation monitoring and control system. It helps to tracks the main performance indicators of harvesting operation process. Mykola Makhnevych told us more about the automatic monitoring and control system installed at all the machinery of Boleko company:

Due to the automatic control system which is our machines equipped with, we can obtain a reliable data the next indicators: acreage harvested, fuel consumption, mileage during the relocations, downtime and time in movement, speed of movement, task fulfillment progress, route of movement, control of the binding to the fields of the farms, where harvesting is carried out, mapping the works done. The system showed perfect performance

Сurrently, our combine harvesters have already harvested the crops on the fields of Odesa region, in Reni and Sarata districts. Now, combine harvesters move to Central and Western Ukraine on the lowboy trailers of Boleko Company.

We would like to inform that from the beginning of harvesting season and as of 24 July 2017 our combines have already harvested over 3000 ha of land.

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