13 June 2017

Alebor Group: Modern History

BOLEKO to the news

Today a column of 5 CLAAS LEXION 600 combine harvesters on lowboy trailers left Mankivka, Cherkassy region for Odesa. It is their first working tour. This day went down into the history of Alebor Group as the beginning of Boleko freight-forwarding company’s harvesting division operation. The combine harvesters will be moving a familiar route that was worked out by grain trucks for years.

Every year we start our work from the South of Ukraine, namely, from Izmaiil, Odesa region where we have our established partners since the very beginning of our operations. Step-by-step, according to crop ripening, we’ll move to Central Ukraine (Kirovohrad, Cherkasy, Kyiv regions) and to the West (Vinnytsya and Khmelnytskiy regions). We’ll finish harvesting campaign in the northern Ukraine (Zhytomyr, Sumy and Chernihiv regions) where we also have credible partners. Due to high quality of our services we have established strong partnership relations in these regions within short terms, –  Oleksandr Melnyk, Director of Purchasing, Department of Boleko LLC.

Good partnerships are based on trust and confidence in each other, on mutual support and assistance. Due to 8-year experience on the Ukrainian grain market experts from Alebor Group determined that the weakest link in harvesting operations is grain and oilseed crops harvesting. There is lack of machinery and technical equipment. Untimely harvesting leads to crops failure. A lot of Alebor Group farm partners suffered great losses due to the grain exporters too, because the more grain is left in the field, the less goes to silo facilities. Thus, the decision was taken to create a private combine harvesters fleet. The motivation of Alebor Group was to cover the requirements of their partners.

Having our long-term clients we purchased the equipment considering their capacities.  This year we covered 95% of the previously declared volumes for each combine harvester, both in terms of early and late grains. During the first year of our work we are planning one harvester to crop 3000 ha: 1000 ha of early grains and 2000 ha of late grains.

We have both a desire and all possibilities to implement our ambitious plans and try to expand them next year. The plans also include the annual replenishment of combine harvesters fleet and harvesting acreages increase. That will lead to the expansion of our customer base. Every business-minded landlord willing to successfully harvest his crop with the help of modern machinery will have an opportunity to take an advantage of maximum quality services provided by Alebor Group, – Oleksandr Melnyk, Director of Purchasing Department of Boleko LLC noted

Alebor Group’s companies are equipped with solely the most up-to-date machinery and equipment. While making a choice in terms of grain harvesting machinery we considered such parameters as modernity, functionality, performance and safety. We’ve made the choice in favor of German CLAAS LEXION 600 combine harvesters. Why?

See the following facts:

CLAAS  LEXION 600 combine harvesters – facts:

  • Engine – Mercedes Benz – ensures high power capacity with low fuel consumption, sufficient for productive long-term operation even in challenging environments. Power alone, however, is not enough. For more efficient operation of machinery the producer gave it “smart power” – CLAS POWER SYSTEMS (CPS) where transmission and operational system work integrally. New method of flue gasses purification Kraftintelligenz guarantees their low toxic level.
  • Threshing technology – a unique APS proprietary system of CLAAS ensures productive capacity increase by 20% and the best grain quality. 3D purification gives 100% efficiency even while working on hillslopes at 20% slide-slope.  Grain hopper volume is 10,500 liters; the grain is unloaded from the grain hopper at a rate 100 liters per second.
  • Accessory. Headers – Dominoni for corn and sunflower and Vario for early grain perfectly adjust to different conditions of crop harvesting operation. They add 10% to productive capacity increase by optimizing crop flow.
  • Application of EASY principles – an efficient agricultural system which consists of AUTO CLEANING – grain cleaning automatic control; CRUISE PILOT – automatic controller of combine harvester’s road speed in the process of harvesting operation; CEBIS – automated task management system. All combine harvesters are equipped with GPS-navigators.
  • Comfortable cabin, automated steering system allow the combine operator to focus on the process of harvesting which may be controlled from the cabin by physical observation or through GRAINMETER electronic system.

This is just a small list of the advantages of the CLAAS LEXION 600 combine harvesters, but they are enough to make a decision on purchasing this particular model. This machinery can work day-and-night. But combines should be operated by people. Boleko Transport company solved the personnel issue of staffing the machine servicers crew at the expense of the company`s human resources.

According to Oleksandr Melnyk. Harvester’s crew consists of two combine pilots, so the harvester can work 24 hours a day. Of course, if the weather conditions are favorable. Our experience shows that we ready to work non-stop, but there are certain factors that prevent from doing this: weather conditions, holidays or temporary difficulties in the country.

The crew staff of the combine harvesters is very experienced and high-skilled. People who drive the machines have worked in other structures before they came to our company. They are professional harvester pilots who were not appreciated enough and had low salaries. After Alebor Group became the leader of labor market and offered the best working conditions throughout the region, these people came to us to apply for a job as drivers. And now, while opening up a new industry, we appreciate them highly and give people a chance to use and develop their expertise in their main specialty at new modern grain-harvesting machinery

So, starting from 8 June 2017 a full range of services by the Group of companies
Alebor Group is at work! Since now the farmers can stay calm and safe concerning their crops. Alebor Group does every effort to harvest, carry, process, handle and sell the grain at the highest professional level. The company controls every movement of the crops harvested.   Oleksandr Melnyk, Director of Purchasing Department of Boleko LLC, which is a part of Alebor Group of Companies, noted in his speech addressing grain producers:

We are able to provide both solely harvesting services, and the whole harvesting cycle services. We offer harvesting in fields with the help of our combine harvesters and transporting your grain from the field to silo facility or straight to any Ukrainian ports.  We surely provide all silo services: proper conditioning of grain quality and storage in our powerful silo facilities. We turn your crops into Money!

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