21 November 2016

ALEBOR RACE Made the Fate of the Ukraine Championship

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Last Saturday in Uman the Cross-Country Ukrainian Championship “Ukrainian Cross – Country” finished. It was the last seventh stage named «ALEBOR RACE”. This very stage became critical for sportsmen as the intrigue was kept for both the participants and the viewers.

We were very pleased to get positive feedback on the previous stage of the championship, where Alebor Group for the first time became the title sponsor. And it was a great honor for us to get the credence to conduct the final stage in Uman. Today the fate of the season will be determined and the winners will be announced – we’ll see the winners of the Ukrainian Championship 2016. We realized the responsibility since the preparation works conduct, thus we made all efforts to construct an interesting and extreme race track. More spectacular track sections appeared which means a great show for both competitors and spectators. And let the best win, – Oleksiy Kustov, Founder of Alebor Group of Companies noted in his welcome speech

Before the final stage there was not any clear leader determined, so many sportsmen had all chances to win. It was a reason of hot fight among the competitors for the places on the podium.  And a real show was done to due to sports gambling multiplied by the entertainment. There were more than a hundred of racers from 24 regions of Ukraine.

This amount of the participants proves the growth of popularity of cross-country sport among the supporters of the rest who prefer entertainment on the wheels.

I enjoyed watching the race, – emotionally said Myhailo Nykolenko, who came to the championship with all his family. – It is impossible to describe in words the emotions when you hear and feel the roaring motors and the dirt flying from the wheels.  My heart was jumping out the breast!

A team of Alebor Group, which called «Can-аm racing team» №22 also participated in the competitions. The crew members were Vitaliy Oliynyk the pilot and Mykola Makhnevych, the navigator, (Director of Boleko Transport Company).

In addition, Oleksiy Kustov, Ruslan Savkin and Mykola Makhnevych as the organizers of the championship, got a special award for establishing of a new record of Ukraine “The longest passage race track with cross-country
for ATVs on dams”.

We continue good traditions of setting new records in our country.  The final stage of Ukrainian Championship “Ukrainian Cross – Country” entered the history of Records.  The fact is that today the National Register of Records of Ukraine introduced a new achievement. We have measured the total distance driven by each participant who came to the finish line, and it was 3 km 204 m. It means that a new record of Ukraine is set up, – Lana Vetrova, Director of the National Registry of Records Ukraine said

Also, all the organizers of the championship were awarded with a special gratitude on behalf of the President of the Automobile Federation and Ukraine founders of «Ukrainian Cross – Country». The reward is “For significant contribution to the organization of the Competition Automobile Federation of Ukraine on cross-country”.

As organizers we are very pleased with the final races, – Oleksiy Kustov, Founder of Alebor Group confessed. – We also hope that all the participants and the viewers have the same emotions as we do.It is a great honor to join the organization of such events and the next year we are also planning to make the Ukraine Championship”.

Our best congratulations to the winners of Championship and the sky is the limit! See you the next season!

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