10 April 2019

By joint efforts – to profitability

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Oleksiy Kustov, Founder of Alebor Group of Companies and Oleksiy Tsurkan, Director General of Grain Elevators Division were invited to participate in roundtable discussion “Commercial attractiveness of silo facility and customer focus” held by AgroGeneration on 9 April in Kyiv. Such an event took place for the first time with the purpose to exchange experiences on the development of agrothechnical industry in Ukraine.

Representatives of leading agricompanies took part in the conference. Besides Alebor Group’s chief executives there were also such key persons as Oleksnadr Ocheretnyi, Director of Grain Logistics Department of Bühler AG, Olena Shcherbyna, Director General of Agrocity-Invest, Vadym Hrynyshyn, Deputy Chief of the Board of PZCU, Taiir Musaiev, Chief Commercial Officer of Grain Alliance.

Roundtable discussion included three panels: “Customer capture strategies”, “Silo facilities’ modernization as a way to turnover increase” and “Cooperation with Ukrzaliznytsya. Problems and Solutions.”

While discussing these issues with his colleagues, Oleksiy Kustov, Founder of the Group stated, that silo enterprises managed to make business more profitable last year. Such and achievement is a very good result, as far as within the environment of strong competition for farmers, grain elevators sometimes provide services even below the cost.

Whereas Oleksiy Kustov noted, that:

The more volumes of grain the silo facility transships, the less general expenses of production per ton, the lower cost and less technological gap it has. This is why it is very important to balance the volumes of transshipped grain and profitability within grain elevators

He also drew an analogy with fuel-filling stations: some of them position themselves as expensive but those who don’t deceive customers.

There were a lot of questions to Oleksiy Kustov and Oleksiy Tsurkan put by their colleagues – both general in nature and those concerning specific figures. Chiefs of Albeor Group shared their experience with pleasure, and, in their turn, they also learned with great interest some operation aspects of other companies.

Photos: Valeriia Stesenko, Latifundist.com

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