5 December 2016

Charity Event “Believe in Yourself”

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3 December is the International Day of Disabled People. Children need the most of our attention. Nobody knows the reasons, why they have such a hard fate, but any disability should not limit the rights of the youngest members of the society.

Almost from the very beginning of its establishment, during last six years the group of companies Alebor Group takes part in social events. The idea is to remind all the society about importance our sincere attention to disabled people and to provide them equal opportunities among all other members of our society.

In December everyone is captured with a foreboding feeling of the charming holiday. These days everyone trusts in miracles and there is nothing to speak about children. December is the most thrilling month of a year for them. There is a feeling that all the hidden desires will come true! Except for long-awaited presents, disabled children have an opportunity to feel themselves in the highlight and be happy, not thinking about their illness.

This year Khrystynivske Grain-Collecting Station, which is a part of Alebor Group of Companies, organized a holiday “Ukrainian vechornytsi” for disabled children in their town. They united their efforts with the Khrystynivka Children and Youth Center and created an unforgettable atmosphere of a national family holiday.

Funny hosts of the holiday – hospitable mistress Soloha and funny Stetsko entertained children. They invited them to participate in different contests and competitions. The motto of the festival was “Believe in Yourself”, so boys and girls sang songs and made fun of each other, involving guests to their entertainments. It was so nice to see that children quickly caught the wave of the holiday and plunged into its atmosphere. They were so infatuated with the celebration that seemed have forgotten about their disabilities. Kids’ laughter did not quite down in the hall!

The hosts prepared unusual competitions for little participants. They had to get the fastest to the dumpling, catch the cube or move round loaves to the special box with a help of shovel.

A special fun of the day was Angelina Chepur, a disabled girl, who sensually declaimed a poem “About Ukraine”.

After the competitions, dances and vocal performances there was a festive treat. Children got sweets, juice and fruits, but in accordance with the main theme of the holiday, Ukrainian vechornytsi, they also could taste dumplings. And there is no holiday without presents so everyone got his own one.

We always do our best to create something special and unusual for such children. They are very curious and talented. They have a great will which is worth to be learnt. They have a power to do a lot! The main thing is that they must believe in themselves and that was the main idea we wanted to send them during the festival. This confidence will help them to adjust to the adult life and find a right place in it, – Oleksiy Kustov, Founder of Alebor Group of Companies said

Time of fun and sincere communication passed quickly and left only vivid memories both for guests and children. Smiles of the young participants were the best award for those who organized the festival.

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