28 October 2015

Grain elevator without queues: professional advice

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During high harvesting season farmers not only enjoy the volumes of crop harvested, but also face some problems – both concerning transportation and lack of silo facilities, and also the condition of some silo facilities available. During the peak of the season some grain elevators even manage to gather queues of grain trucks around them.

We suggest you to have a look at some advice to be foreseen by the heads of grain elevators in order to prevent long queues.

Advice №1: All the equipment should run like clockwork

Oleksiy Borschchenko, Director of Voronovytske Grain-Collecting Station considers that silo operators should pay special attention to the silo’s conveying system.

“It’s really of great importance. We’ve got three points for grain intake and we are able to offload three grain trucks at once. The pace of intake is up to 200 tons per hour from one point”, – Oleksiy Borshchenko noted.

Advice №2: Well-planned logistics

One more component of success is correct logistics and calculations of how many trucks there could be taken at the elevator per hour or per day. To calculate number of shipments per hour, number of trucks passing and estimate the amount of grain trucks taken per day – this is not bad approach, but unforeseen events can happen even in the most careful planning.

We have our customer managers who every day by 12 am report on what kind of grain, how much of grain and where from the grain will arrive at the grain-collecting station. But it often happens that such information can drastically change. For example, there was promised to arrive 600 tons of grain but in fact 1500 arrived. Whether they harvested more in the field or something else happened. But we are always ready to take more, — Oleksiy Borshchenko comments on.

Advice №3: Laboratory

Laboratory is one the most important components of silo facility, as far as fast and efficient determination of grain quality is a key to success of the whole enterprise’s operation.

We’ve gained some experience from the previous year. As a result, we do not face the problem of queues at our elevators. Why? First of all, we have highly professional team. Then, we have modern and fully equipped laboratory where grain analysis is conducted. The truck is not permitted to be offloaded until the tests are completed. That’s why the laboratory should work efficiently and provide correct test results, – Director of Voronovytske Grain-Collecting Station emphasizes

Every year there are less and less queues around silos. Silo operators learn from their own experience and correct mistakes: they improve access roads to the elevators, renew technical equipment and develop the laboratories.

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