21 August 2017

Harvesting Campaign of Early Grain Crops is Finished

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In Ukraine harvesting campaign of early grain crops, oilseeds and grain legumes is finished. Alebor Group took part in it for the first time this year. It became possible due to the private combine harvesters fleet with 5 CLAAS LEXION 600 combine harvesters within Boleko freight-forwarding company. We have already told you about the harvesting company at the pages of our official site. You can also see a photo-report about the work of our combines.

As of today all 5 combines have already been returned to the park with the help of our private lowboy trailers. Technical and maintenance works are being held at the moment. Combine harvesters are being prepared for sunflower and corn harvesting season.

We asked Olexander Melnik, the Head of Purchasing Department of Boleko LLC about the beginning of the first stage of harvesting campaign.

– You have finished harvesting of early grains. So to say, the first half has been played. Have you done everything you planned? What is your assessment?

– Summing up the results of the harvesting campaign I can say everything is good. We have harvested 4000 ha of land. We had ambitious plans to harvest 5000 ha of early grains, that is, about 1000 ha per one combine harvester’s crew. We have done 800 ha per one crew. Thus, we can put “good” mark. The plan is not implemented for all 100%, but be sure we have taken efforts to correct the mistakes and made thorough analysis which will allow us increasing the harvest acreages in the future.

– So, the machinery worked well, but what about the people? Are you pleased with their work?

– Combine harvester crews were excellent! Even now, while preparing for the harvesting of the late maturity grains, the farmers order only those crews which worked previously.  New modern machinery is a big part of success but not everything, because the machinery is run by people. So, we can put an excellent mark for the work of personnel.

– So, what is the next? How do you prepare for the harvesting of sunflower and corn? What will be the next direction to move on?

– Now we are preparing for the sunflower harvesting campaign, and corn is in line. We have purchased the most up-to-date DOMINONI. DOMINONI FREE SUN HF-940 headers for sunflower crops– is a header rowless headers with a 9.5 meter cut. Corn header DOMINONI ROCK has 8 rows. Each combine harvester is equipped with two headers. There were no serious breakdowns during the first stage of harvesting and preparatory works were routine, that is why we can surely state that we are ready for harvesting of sunflower. We finalize signing contracts with farmers on sunflower harvest conduct. We will start our working from Odesa region, as we did with early grains and then continue moving the familiar route.

– Are you going to expand the fleet of combine harvesters? What are your plans?

– As for expanding the fleet of harvesters, let’s talk about it after corn harvest completion. We will finish the season, sum up the results, and then start making plans for the next season.

So, the works in the field are still going on, heavy grain trucks non-stop carry the crop from the fields to silos and seaports. We take grain and process it at our full capacity. Along with this, we complete the construction at the Chesne Grain-Collecting Station. So, the weekdays at grain elevators of Alebor Group of Companies are in full swing.

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