7 July 2016

Holiday before the Harvest

EVENTS to the news

5-7 July there was a festival on the territory of Khrystynivske and Voronovytske Grain-Collecting Station, which belong to Alebor Group. The festival was dedicated to Alebor Group anniversary celebration.

On 5 July Cherkasy received the guests, and 7 July Vinnytsya region welcomed its visitors. The hosts planned the events in such a way to invite more guests to celebrate its 7th  anniversary. They wanted to share joys and challenges of development with their guests, and wished to talk informally about the harvesting season 2016.

The meetings traditionally began with welcome coffee and the talks about future crop, silo business problems in the country.

At 11am the official celebration started. All the guests were invited to listen to the speeches of the Founder, management team, local authorities and partners of Alebor Group.

Oleksiy Kustov, Founder of Alebor Group of Companies started the welcome speech first. He briefly described the history of creating of companies which later joined in a group of companies, named Alebor Group.  Oleksiy Kustov told about the nearest prospects of businesses and stressed that the most important capital in any business are human resources.

Our most important asset is our people. They are dedicated employees, honest partners, reliable suppliers and grateful clients. These people are those, whose attitude to work helps our group of companies follow the planned course every day, whose partnership  helps us to build long-term plans and occupy a leading position in the industry. We have worked and continue working without being distracted by any external factors, without looking at competitors. We just have no time to do it, — Oleksiy Kustov, Founder of Alebor Group noted in his speech

The next who took the floor was Oleksiy Tsurkan, Director of the Grain Elevators Division of Alebor Group.  He spoke about the peculiarities of silo business and stressed that its success lies in the systematical approach.

Successful silo business is possible only by application of systematic and competent approach. It consists of an established chain “producer-seller-logistics- silo-port”. In fact, it is the chain of which Alebor Group of Companiesconsists of”- Oleksiy Tsurkan said. “All divisions of Alebor Group work as a single organism. We pursue the aim to take more grain and to provide the highest quality of services to our customers. And if any part of the body is “limping”, so we can state, that the whole organism is invalid. That`s why we pay special attention to the technical side of our business, — Oleksiy Tsurkan commented on

On the day the celebration was held at Voronovytske Grain-Collecting Station, the director of the company Oleksiy Borshchenko noted, that their elevator in Voronovytsya had already took the new crop. They started 27 f June, even before the harvest season in Central Ukraine officially started! He also said that the Alebor Group has some main principles. The first one is honesty.

The main principles of the work are promptness, quality and honesty in partnership relation. It is the only way we can be confided and thus all our partners can be also trusted in, — Oleksiy Borshchenko noted

The highlight of the gala event was the establishment of a new tradition. Those were 100 air balloons which flew into the sky. The symbolic nature of the tradition is that air balloons were of corporate colors – yellow and white. Yellow is like the sun, like grain. It symbolizes life, warmth and well-being.  White is a color of purity and symbolizes core values in the relations with partners. It`s a symbol of openness and transparency.

The customers, partners and local authorities also had an opportunity to congratulate Alebor Group of Companies with its anniversary.

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