13 September 2018

Iryna Tsurkan: We always keep our equipment in proper condition

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Alebor Group’s investment program on capacity addition provided building of new laboratory at Khrystynivske Grain Collecting Station. These plans have been successfully implemented. So, the condition of early maturity group of grain underwent control in new premises this year. We asked Iryna Tsurkan, the Director of the Laboratory, about the peculiarities of operation of modernized laboratory.

So, how did the first season pass for the new laboratory? How can you evaluate the quality of new crop of early grains?

You know, the season started rather good. The crop harvested in good weather conditions had very good quality. But when it started raining, the quality was a bit poorer. Early grains have suffered throughout Ukraine exactly due to rains. There is a small amount of barley remained in the fields (it was harvested of a good quality), but wheat was injured by bacteria. About 70% of wheat harvested was of perfect quality, both food and feed grade. Unfortunately, about 30% of the crop was damaged as far as grain turned next to “beyond grade quality” one.

But, from the other hand, the rains that damaged the wheat were favorable for corn, which accumulated sap and weight. We hope that the weather will favor us in future and the corn crop will be harvested in time and of proper quality.

What about our laboratory in particular, we have changed a bit the system of work. Now the time spent for taking samples is shortened due to placement of the relevant sector directly in the laboratory premises. The time spent for analyses conduct was also shortened. And in general, our laboratory is very spacious and comfortable.

How difficult it was to work under the conditions of construction running at the elevator site during spring and summer?

It was not difficult at all! The grain elevator was ready for grain receiving, so the construction works did not affect our work at all.

What is the peculiarity of new equipment? How does it differ from the old one?

You know, we do not have new equipment actually, as far as we always keep it in proper condition, undergo certification in time, always renew and upgrade it. In particular, we systematically purchase new scales. We have very expensive equipment here, such as Infrascan, which is used to measure protein content in wheat. Thus, the only thing that was totally changed in the laboratory is the installation of the second sample-collecting device.

We have possibility to take samples simultaneously either from two trucks or from a trailer-truck. The analysis goes directly to the lab, and that helped us to optimize the process greatly. The major part of the equipment has been functioning for many years and does not get in wrong.

In general, what kind of equipment should be at modern laboratory?

First of all, the laboratory should cater to its own needs and tasks. This will specify its equipping. The most important demand for the equipment is that they should be modern and accuracy of measurement should be verified by the documents. All the equipment should be certified in Ukraine. We meet all these requirements – no foreign-made devices without proper Ukrainian certification. It should be special equipment for taking sample for the analysis and for making this analysis.

Each laboratory defines the list of analyses it can perform and offer for customers. Grain drying and cleaning are also monitored. It is essential to observe the conditions of grain storage as well. For instance, all our silo bins are equipped with multipoint temperature transmitters and we can see what should be done to the grain at each moment: ventilate, or dry, or remove from one silo bin into another for sanitation purposes. Sample-collecting devices should be installed not only at the receiving point, but also at the shipment point.

Early harvesting season is finished now, but the laboratory of Khrystynivske Grain Collecting Station, as well as all other enterprises of Alebor Group of Companies, does not rest. They have already started the receiving of late maturity group grains, namely, corn. We will keep our readers informed about its progress and report immediately.

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