14 September 2017

Official opening of new silo at Chesne Grain-Collecting Station

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14 September 2017 an official ceremony of new silo facilities opening took place at Chesne Grain-Collecting Station which is a part of Alebor Group of Companies.

Totally there was built:

  • 3 operational cone-shaped silo bins with storage capacity of 1.5 thousand tons each;
  • 3 silo bins for long-term storage with the capacity of 5 thousand tons each;
  • Column-type grain dryer with productive capacity of 112 tons per hour;
  • 2 color sorters with productive capacity of 100 tons per hour;
  • Modern conveying machinery – 7 norias 175 tons per hour each.

Since now total on-site storage capacity of grain and oil crops at Chesne Grain-Collecting Station is 27.5 thousand tons.

Construction works at former Balta Division of Alebor Group of Companies started on 27 March 2017. Within 5 month there has been modern silo facility built and commissioned here. After construction works of new facility started at transshipment point, Balta Division was renamed into Chesne Grain Collecting Station. The word “chesne” in Ukrainian language means “honest”, and it entitles the main principle of Alebor Group’s performance – honesty and transparence in partnership and customers relations.

Taking a word at the official ceremony of new facilities opening Oleksiy Kustov, Co-Founder of Alebor Group noted:

Just within 5 months a modern silo facilities have grown there. The enterprise is constructed according to the most up-to-date standards and equipped with highly technological machinery. Silo capacities now total 27.5 thousand tons of on-site storage of grain and oil crops. And it’s just the beginning! We plan to reach the storage capacity of 60 thousand tons after the complete replacement of old flat-storage warehouses with new modern silo bins

Oleksiy Kustov emphasized that only modern automated grain storage facilities are able to minimize the human factor’s effect and ensure total control of weighing, laboratory analyses, transportation, handling and shipment processes. “It ensures our customers high quality of services provided and gives us confidence to have every right of being named “Chesne” (“honest”) Grain-Collecting Station”, – Oleksiy Kustov told.

In his speech Co-Founder of Alebor Group expressed his gratitude to everyone involved into the process of new grain elevator’s birth. Olekiy Tsurkan received personal Certificate of Acknowledgement “For the implementation of Construction Project of Chesne Grain-Collecting Station LLC”.

Oleksiy Tsurkan, Director General of Grain Elevators Division of Alebor Group of Companies in his speech at the official ceremony told about the progress of construction works under the project and expressed special gratitude to the suppliers of equipment and everyone engaged into the construction process. He gave the following characteristics to the grain elevator:

This is a grain elevator of new generation. It is fully automated. It ensures close and permanent control of grain quality. Everyone who uses or is going to use the services offered by our grain elevator can be sure that their crop will be stored at its best

A lot of guests were invited for the official ceremony. Among them were Serhiy Mazur, Chairman of Balta City Council; Serhiy Antonov, Head of Fire Service Inspectorate; Roman Shtelmakh, Chief Technology Officer of KMZ-Industries; representatives of farms and partner companies.

On behalf of KMZ-Industries I would like to share the joy of this very important event with you. Indeed, we are very pleased to watch the development and growth of Alebor Group, as far as Chesne Grain-Collecting Station is not the first silo facility of the Company. It’s the third grain elevator of theirs. And the most interesting fact is that each facility itself is also constantly growing and developing inwards, – Roman Shtelmakh, Chief Technology Officer of KMZ-Industries note in his welcome speech

Moreover, during the official ceremony Oleksiy Tsurkan, Director General of Grain Elevators Division of Alebor Group of Companies was awarded with KMZ-Industires’ Gift Certificate and Certificate of Appreciation “For personal significant contribution into social and economic development of Balta local community, creation of new employment opportunities, high professionalism and active social work”.

All the guests expressed satisfaction with new powerful enterprise entry in the city and their hopes for fruitful cooperation. Let’s remind that it was just the first stage of silo facility commissioning, and the construction of the next one is in the nearest future.

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