15 July 2020

Oleksandr Melnyk: Winning the market due to business integrity  

INTERVIEW to the news

Early grains harvest season is already in the groove. Any successful harvesting campaign depends on well-coordinated actions of all the chain links connecting fields and grain collecting station or ports. It’s also very important to respond immediately to any changes not to lose the valuable cargo.

Usually, only combine harvesters and grain elevators are well visible during the harvesting campaign. But transport means which carry on the cargo are no less important. We had a talk with Oleksandr Melnyk, Head of Purchase Department of Boleko freight-forwarding company, who told us about peculiarities of grain trucks operation, and their availability to substitute railway transportation, which is becoming more and more costly. Also he represented the ambitious goals.

What types of works were done during the preparation for the season? Has the lockdown affected them?

— In spite of all lockdown restrictions, being in place during the pre-season preparation, we can confidently state that we are 100% ready. And it is due to our highly qualified employees – mechanical engineers and machine men who maintain the vehicle fleet in good working condition throughout the year. And that’s why the pre-season preparation is quite formal; since we constantly conduct the standardized technical maintenance of our truck fleet.

Are you ready for increased workload this season due to rising cost of railway transportation?

— Having 100 MAN grain trucks at our disposal, and respectable freight carriers as our contractors (about 150 additional grain trucks) – we are ready for any workload and increase in transfer volumes caused by the rising cost of railway transportations.

What are the expected volumes of goods this year? And what are general recent trends in your sphere in this regard?

— This year, due to poor yield in Odesa region, where we usually started the season, surely we had certain worries as for the lack of goods according to the set quotas. But our Purchase Department team, having assessed the complexity of situation in the whole, opened some new regions for us, which gave an opportunity to start the goods supply and transportation in the same way as in previous years. So, we started the work in June, as we used to. The volumes of goods purchased and transported are increasing on daily basis, and we are approaching the expected results. Evaluating general trends as for sowing certain crops, we don’t see any changes. The overall situation is the same it was in previous years.

Combine Division of Alebor Group regards the fastest pace of harvesting as its main task. What is required from you in the respect thereof? How do you arrange the interoperation?

— At the moment all the combine harvesters belonging to our group are in the fields, harvesting the early grains. Though there are some alterations caused by the weather, in general we are working at our best to complete all the set tasks in a prompt manner.

The main requirement to the harvesting machinery is to perform harvesting operations smoothly and uninterruptedly. The main requirement to carrying machinery is to perform proper transportation. Therefore, only detailed coordination of those two links in the chain will give the result. Due to our long experience and highly professional team we provide our services to the highest possible quality. We can carry out TURN-KEY harvest service as well. Everyone knows: if the work from start to finish is done by one team, and if this is a highly professional team, the quality is guaranteed. Reasoning from this fact, we provide such a service. Our combines harvest the crops, load the trucks, and our managers look or the best prices to sell the goods. As a result, we have minimum problems and maximum efficiency at each level.

Is it more comfortable for you to work with your own combines? Is cooperation with other partners established as well? What regions do you cover?

— Every year we are covering more and more regions, spreading high quality and prompt services on harvesting, purchasing and transportation of agri products to any corner of Ukraine. We are making every effort to turn your crops into money.

We are a team of young professionals, who are winning the market to do business integrity, transparency, confidence in future and strong belief in our country – a beautiful country with unlimited opportunities and boundless potential. And that’s why the aim we are pursuing in our company is to boost the culture of efficient use of transport means, unlocking the potential of people to increase living standards.

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